Thursday, June 17, 2010



Yeaaa ♥ Done HW For th day!
Now, I NEED to relaxx ~ ♥♥ Babe.
Hmms, im now facebooking ''
Yaaa! ♥ Tmr im going to East coast park! Hu's going ? Wanna go? HAHA~ Meet eu thr! Juskiddin- LoL. Its not funni, Okay, abt th REAL thingg. starting to miss my friends. Especially my BESTIES♥ ; Jiawen, Linghui, XuanXuan, Minshann & Blablas. Ohyeah? and im starting to miss him too! bt not as much as i miss my freinds. eu knw wad they say, Friends are forever, Boys are wadever. HAHA.. >.< =.=lll
K, now im thinking wad to continuee, later im having tuition. English & maths tuition, hate em. Who invented these thingies anyway?! *Sigh* i think im getting old, b'dae's coming. 31st July. Okay, not really vry NEAR, bt im excited! ♥ Inviting my BESTIES♥♥ haahaha~ U knw i have a twin bro and he says he's going to invite him? ! ? OhNo! NEVER. Ahhh.... DEAD...
I cant see anything, i cant hear... BLABLABLAs !! ♥♥
Signedd off

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