Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crazy ppl .

Hello , i am so sorry for not posting due to the fact of common tests . :/
And finally , it's finish so , um , imma back to posting emoticon17
Woots :) heh , but I did had a hard time revising and all that .
But yeah , like what Chinese said , "雨过天晴了" . Translated : "After the rain, comes the rainbow." I am happy :D The reason why I didn't post yesterday , Friday , was because of the internet . NO INTERNET CONNECTIVITY ! I just sent a email to Starhub , asking why sometimes there is internet and sometimes there's none ._. Because of him :O !

And yeah , nothing much .
Edith and Charlene came to my house on Thursday for IPW project work . =.= They went crazy , very very crazy .

SEE ? They very pretty right :D AND CRAZY !!

Oh yes yes yes ! My dad just called Starhub and asked update thingy thingy , yes ! They are coming on Monday :D YAY ! FINALLY ! OMG , dad , i love you !
Ok , bye , gtg . Jane and Joey coming over for dinner :D !

A drawing i did outta boredom ^^

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