Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Freaking happy

Look ! I just randomly went to and look what I found ~

I know this is kind of blurry but please ignore the quality ! face29 I know this is kind of stupid. But I just can't help it. First time on the first page of And you might be thinking. Urgh, it's not like it SOTD or anything. RETARDED. Anw, I'm just sharing this!

Oh yes! I finished my Napha test! This time I did do well! Extremely happy! For 2.4km run, I run it in 16.46 mins, i think. You may think it's lousy but I'm really proud! And for the other 5 stations, i managed to pass them all. The INCLINED PULL-UPS were the worst. I did 4 only. Heehee~ But still,
i passed!

Going out on Friday with SJAB, 'cos im gonna get my Pet care badge! Yes finally, i get to see a the doggies! perro I bought 2 cans of dog food for donation ~ Can't wait! :045:

Anddddd ,

SUPER HAPPY SIOL. musica2 Because of National day, going out on Tuesday w friends.
Till next time!

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