Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hey you beautiful people 💗
How are all of you! How long has it been hehe! (^○^) Life's been really busy but busy is good! Love life 😘 Really excited for Claire! Haha o(^_-)O & Katrina! 😄 Love to see souls having their life changed! It's going to be amazing! Anyways went "fishing" yesterday, meet tons of people yesterday! Even meet Yo chien on the way to the mrt! WOOO

Anyways just had this thought in my mind... I wonder why people get angry at people they say they love so easily... They tell us it's ok it's ok, nothing much nothin much.. Then they turn the other way round & talk bad about you. Like whut. Aiya people.. 😰

AHHAHAA NVMMM! Love the people in my life:*

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