Friday, May 17, 2013


Recently, God had been telling me so many things. For instance, recently, I've been praying to God to build up my confidence & not be so insecure about things & to have the right heart to EV. That bringing people to know God is to love people genuinely not just because you want your CG to be bigger than the others... & I think it's really amazing how God can disciple me thru the little little things in my life. From the way I talk to my teachers to the way I spend my money. He really is an amazing father. Okay, so yeah, I've been asking God to help me change my heart for EV & He did! During last week's quiet time I was convicted! So thankful to my God 💗🙆🎀😋

Ok, end of all those. Hahah so yeah, yesterday I went to my sis' sports day at her school! Can I tell you how cute it was! All the little kids (Tina's little friends) ASDFGHJKL SO CUTE they were talking to each other in like cute little tone! Love my sissy 💗🙆🎀 here are some photos I took yesterday! 


So the day before yesterday I was also hanging out with da PHS girls! Like Joey, Jolene they all! They are so great to be with! Haha! 

WOOHOOO GUYS EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your after exams period!!!!!! 😋

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