Friday, May 28, 2010


Yes, im now sitting in front of my laptop, facebooking and bloggin`. Tmr im having ballet lessons, they are getting boring.Hate em . UHH. nvm,wht's done is done. Okay , tmr im going to have my hair reboned and followed by BAx2 bringing th whole family to the spa ~ HAHa. Dono whether MeiMei♥ is going, she's jus 2 months old lll=_= Weird jiejie Hor ? But BAx2 say tht we will nid to take off all our clothes includin panties but for sure there'll be a room 4 Gentlemens and Ladies, right? Hope so. Okay, now mom's nagging and saying tht i nid enough slp 4 tmr. Okay, byes. I D0nt wan any more of her nags, sEEYOU, Byyeee !! gDBYE

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