Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just a stupid random title , inspirations from Juvia in Fairy Tail bibi22
The picture ... HAVE YOU GUYS MISSED HELLO BABY ? bibi9
I miss them , alot bibi18
I posted some videos of Yoogeun of Facebook long time ago . Have you seen it ? bibi2 He grown up , obviously ! Heheh bibi3
So , how's life going on ? A bit hard or very very fun . I just realised how cute and handsome P6/1s (2010) boys are . AT LEAST one cute or handsome guy must be in a class right ? Our class has none . *Cry* bibi18 I have some friends i talk quite alot too , since she's my buddy and the other one just sitting beside me emoticon11 hehe emoticon12 But I still miss Primary school . BOO !

Tomorrow's Friday ! emoticon16
My fav day bibi20 I can sleep super late at night . FRIDAY YOU ROCK :D
I bought a handphone accesory today . (Oh man , my brain is rusty , i forgot how to spell A-ce-so-ry) It's Naruto's DADDY :D ! Although i didn't hang it on my HP :P I bought some stickers , really kawaii !! I wanted to buy a book but it cost $28 !! WTH ! I only had $30 with me , then I *roll my eyes* walk out of POPULAR .

Pink isn't just a colour , it's an attitude .

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