Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Komene :(

face33I just came back from ballet class . And i am watching Fairy Tail now :D It rocks . My mom is scolding because i used too much comp . She also play facebook what . Can't she understand ? THE POWER OF INTERNET ? Muahahahahha . LOL . I am so excited to meet Linghui and MAYBE some others . I miss them so much , i died bibi17 . Why can't a MPPS friend come to Peirce w/ me ? :( BUHUHUHHUHU ! bibi24 No homework today . *clap hand* hip hip hurray .
Bye , just a very very short post face32
Remember how you used to say "I love you , I love you . " ?
Well , i bet you don't . bibi2 You don't even remember I exist .

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