Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm so sorry that I loved you.

Aigooooooo , so cute bibi4
*Flowers of Moe Moe Moe ~*bibi12
Just a title from Anthony's song , Sorry that i loved you . It's a really nice song (: Go listen ! Anw , today no homework but there is Ballet lessons , i dont feel like going . Buhhhhh . Had home econs common test today . Well , it sucks . I bet i am so gonna to fail , I think i am gonna fail in Literature ALREADY . And yep , here comes another one !

I have 2 mostly talked friends . One of them is Edith :D . This is her blog . You should go visit , i think it's security locked . So sorry if it is . click And Charlene , she doesn't have a blog but yeah , she's the kanasai girl . LOL , no offence made . We said that 'cos she keep saying 'Kanasai , Kanasai' . ;O And i hope we can become good friends , or even BEST Friends :D Three cheers to friendship !

Well , nothing else huh . Bye .

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