Friday, February 18, 2011


Hey people . It was raining today bibi14
So , did you had fun playing in the rain ? *Splash Splash*
I didn't get to bibi9 , I got some kind of Energy-Saving test . If you pass you'll get a badge , it was for SJAB , the teacher was good , she was gave us a open-book test (Is this still counted as a test ?) We get to look at our WS she gave us emoticon03 I think I passed . But i think it's a low pass .

I got back my Maths Quiz today emoticon20 I got an 9/10 marks . I am so happy ! bibi2 Hey hey hey , not so fast , next week is the Common test week . I can't relax YET . Secondary life is sure hard . SJAB was pretty tiring today . We went outta school for Tests (The previous paragrah) , came back for Foot drills and it was totally like BRRRR ! Our senior asked to go to the UG Hub , then Hall , then UG hub , then Hall . emoticon19 And everyone was like ... zzzzz ~ Our seniors are kinda scary . Phew . Quite a lot of HW ==

That's all then , BYE ! colores

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