Saturday, May 14, 2011


BAMBI 2 , DAMN I LOVE THE MOVIE . Something i sketched .

An realistic eye I drew ~

Saw the JUST FOR LAUGH GAGS ASIA lady , left ; The lady . Right ; Cezann .

I love horses and stallions ! (*PSSS , The face looks weird .)

No Some pics for this post . bibi19 Anyway , I wanted to post yesterday but because of some internet connectivity issues I can't . :P I had my maths test yesterday . It was okay okay luh . I skipped one none question ! Okayyyyy , I wanted to skip but since I have about 1 minute left , I just guessed and wrote a TWO there . Better than nothing , RIGHHTTTT ? Had chinese tution today at my house . flash Wrote an essay on Mother Love heart2 I made it up . I wrote I have a mother but she's not my real REAL mother . I was brought home by her in the Orphanage . Stupid huh ?

Just came back from United Square , bought pencils there for my doodling ~ Haha .
I drew some pictures yesterday . I didn't do it perfectly . I am just practicing , that's why there are doodles all over ! I drew the Bambi one by looking at the laptop (NOT TRACED) !

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